Empowering Preschool Curriculum in Poway, CA

The earlier your child starts to learn, the more likely they are to develop a passion for it. That is why, from infancy to our preschool-aged children, the students at Poway Country Preschool are continuously engaged in activities that promote their development and help them to strengthen their skills.

Our preschool curriculum in Poway, CA, is designed to inspire our students to imagine, create, and participate. On any given day, you can expect to see your child engaged in activities based on project themes developed from the interests of the teachers as well as the children themselves. Some of the different activities commonly performed at our daycare center include:

Circle Activities Covering a Wide Range of Topics from Yoga to American Sign Language

Activities Based on the Day’s Topic, the Weather, the Week’s Letter, & Daily Math Problems

Language Activities in the form of Music Lyrics, Poems, Story Time, Whole Reading, & Writing

Feeding a Growing Mind

Giving your child more opportunities to learn is essential. Our pre-k program keeps that in mind by creating teacher-initiated and student-driven activities designed to develop scientific experimentation skills, artistic expression, mathematical reasoning, physical development, music and art appreciation, sensory experiences, cultural appreciation, social development, and nutritional values.

Students are also given opportunities for home connection activities that will promote Kindergarten readiness as well as provide opportunities to share with you what they have been learning at school. Parents are provided with weekly and monthly curriculum outlines and newsletters to make sure they are kept abreast of what the students are learning. Furthermore, they will be notified throughout the day of their child’s activities through the use of the Brightwheel app.

Click here to view or download a sample copy of our daily preschool schedule.

More Than Just Child Care

While every parent wants to know their child is safe and sound when they are away, we believe it is also important to make the most of that time through thoughtful, educational activities. That is why our team offers much more than just supervision during the day. Our educators guide the children through meaningful play so they can be positioned for academic success once they arrive in kindergarten.

From our infant care to our child care, our services allow you to focus on your workday while our trained team of educators provides your child with the guidance needed for healthy development. Contact us today if you are looking for a safe and educational place for your child as young as two months.