Why Poway, CA, Parents Love Our Educational Preschool Child Care

The early years are some of the most important and formative times in a child’s life. Poway Country Preschool helps each child receive the best education they can by giving them a helpful head start. Our preschool child care in Poway, CA, sets your little one up for lifelong success both academically and socially. We have more than 40 years of experience serving age groups ranging from infants to 5 years old to make the elementary school transition easier. Kids who are enrolled with us learn everything from arts and sciences to social and cultural development.

These skills are of the utmost importance, and our daycare providers are committed both to imparting them and to your child’s wellbeing. We’re proud of all the stellar parent reviews we have received. We know you will appreciate our attentive, caring, and knowledgeable team as well. In addition to being a reliable childcare source for parents, we’re also a place for children to learn and grow. We’re confident that you, too, will be impressed by the difference Poway Country Preschool can make in your child’s progress. Contact us to take advantage of our early childhood education program.


“Our children love it there and Charlie and I feel the children are well taken care of and loved. I asked Emma’s Kindergarten teacher about the preschools in Poway. ‘What preschools, in the Midland area, sent the children to school well prepared for Kindergarten?’ and Poway Country Preschool was the first response. After touring the facility with my children I was most comfortable with Poway Country. The children started and it became their second home. They love it there and do not want to leave when I come to pick them up. They have made lots of friends and truly love the teachers there. It is obvious to me that each one of the teachers employed by Poway Country Preschool loves children and are well qualified to teach. Thank you for taking such good care of our children.”
- Sara Atwell

“I think you know how pleased we are with Poway Country Preschool’s program. I can’t think of a better way to show it than by referring other families to the school. What I like most about Poway Country is the warm, family-like environment that exists not only among the teachers but among the families of the children who attend. That’s the kind of place I want my children to be a part of. Thank you for all your hard work, great communication, and wonderful learning opportunities that you provide and make Poway Country Preschool what it is.”
- Kristina Mazaika

“I wanted to write and show some extra appreciation for all that the school does. Ms. Emi is SUCH a blessing in our lives. I will be so sad when it's time for Keoni to move on to Kindergarten. She truly is a shining gem and is one of the most talented teachers I have ever known. Poway Country Preschool is very lucky to have her and I believe you made one of the best decision ever when she was hired.”
- Ro

“The experience we had at Poway Country Preschool was incredible. The staff worked with us on potty training, social skills and preparing for Kindergarten which made an incredible impact in his self confidence, attitude, and demeanor. Now in Kindergarten he has excelled in academics, his confidence is strong and he is up to the challenge of whatever may come his way. His attitude for wanting to be a part of everything has been one of enthusiasm. If this has been his nature since his birth it has continued to be nurtured and supported by the staff and program at Poway Country. The staff left an impressionable fond memory.”
- Consuelo & Andrew Gallaher

“Having our daughter at Poway Country Preschool was such a positive experience! She learned so much, developed so beautifully, and was more than prepared for Kindergarten. We would highly recommend the school!”
- Mr. & Mrs. H. Simmons

"I have had 2 of my 3 children here and absolutely love this school. I'm so impressed with Miss Emi, Miss Nylea and Miss Elise. I pick up my youngest every day and she happily dirty from head to toe from a full day of learning, growing, exploring and even baking! Miss Emi started a unit on baking for the Pre-K and they get to make their own snacks and learn how to tend their gardens. I've had all 3 of my children in various preschools over the last 8 years so I can definitely say I've been around the block in touring, meeting them and trying them for various reasons whether it was a move or seasonal change (summer vacation or camp) and PCP is amazing! I only wish I had started my children earlier and that my oldest had a chance to attend. When I pick up the youngest, my elementary age children come with me and love to say hi to previous teachers, old friends and just play! It's actually hard to get them to leave sometimes!!! The programming and curriculum is top notch and the environment is very homey and loving with lots of social development and flexible and creative discipline. Run, don't walk to sign up your child. You will love PCP and be thankful for years to come that the school and the teachers take such pride in their school and their children."
- Julie K.