Poway, CA, Infant Daycare Services | Recommended by Kids & Parents

We know that leaving your child with someone can be stressful, but that anxiety understandably increases when that child is an infant. Fortunately, our infant daycare in Poway, CA, offers the peace of mind you need to go to work without worry. By choosing our preschool and daycare center, you take the first step in providing them with important life skills.  

A Head Start

Children who experience daycare early are more likely to move into the preschool and elementary system with confidence. They quickly realize that a learning environment is somewhere they want to be, which sets them up for a future of academic success. They will approach schooling with excitement, develop lasting friendships, and learn essential skills.  

Everything They Need

You can trust our infant daycare program to provide everything a growing baby requires to feel safe and secure. We consider their every need, from interactive toys that help them develop motor skills to naptime that lets them rest and recharge. 

Trusted Daycare Staff

Feeling safe, loved, and protected is vital to your infant, and our caregivers are experts at ensuring every child gets the attention they deserve. Put your trust in early education professionals dedicated to providing children with foundations that will last a lifetime.