Preschool Curriculum in Poway, CA

From Infancy to our Preschool-aged children, the students at Poway Country Preschool are continuously engaged in activities that promote their development and help to strengthen their skills. They are inspired to imagine, create, and participate.

On any typical day, you can expect to see your child engaged in activities based on project themes developed from the teacher’s and children’s interests. They participate in circle activities that encompass everything from Yoga to A.S.L. (American Sign Language), the day’s topic, the weather, the week’s letter, daily math problems, and language activities in the form of music lyrics, poems, story time, whole reading, and writing. They will work in centers and through teacher-initiated and student driven activities to develop artistic expression, scientific experimentation skills, mathematical reasoning, physical development, music and art appreciation, sensory experiences, social development, cultural appreciation, and nutritional values. In addition, they will be given opportunities for home connection activities that will promote Kindergarten readiness and provide them opportunities to share with you what they have been learning at school.

Parents are provided with a monthly and weekly curriculum outline and newsletter to keep you abreast of what the students are learning. In addition, you will be notified throughout the day of your child’s activities through the use of the Brightwheel app.

Click here to view or download a sample copy of our preschool daily schedule.

An Engaging Preschool Curriculum in Poway, CA

Establish a firm foundation for early childhood development and growth through our preschool curriculum in Poway, CA. Poway School Preschool provides every child with meaningful play experiences that broaden their social, mental, and physical development. Our focus on positive thinking and social responsibility prepares your child for the intellectual and emotional challenges they will face in primary school.

Our curriculum for pre-K students allows the teacher to personalize the experience for your child. We give these educators the tools they need to promote reading readiness, motor skill development, and self-care.

Child Care and so Much More

The activities we provide our students are led by the children themselves. Our educators set the topics for projects, and they let the children develop through meaningful play. We offer much more than just supervision during the day. Our curriculum was designed to position your child for academic success once they arrive in Kindergarten.

We understand that leaving your baby with someone else during the day can be nerve-wracking, so our center offers infant care for kids as young as two months. You can maintain your focus on the workday while our trained team of educators provides your child with the guidance needed for healthy development. Choose a daycare center that empowers your child through a detailed curriculum based on exploration and play.

Contact us today to learn more about our preschool curriculum and other meaningful play experiences. We proudly serve families in Poway and Northern San Diego, California.