Preschool Enrollment in Poway CA

Poway Country Preschool welcomes 65 students each school year, and spaces are limited. If you’re interested in enrolling your child, it is an easy 5 step process.

1. Call and book a tour.

2. Tour the facility and complete an application form.

3. Schedule an in-class visit date for yourself and your child.

4. Decide if Poway Country Preschool is the right fit for your family.

5. Complete the enrollment packet.

In the event that the school is filled, a waitlist is generated. Wait Listed individuals are called as openings become available. To ensure your child is eligible for acceptance, please review the following requirements:

1. All children must be between the ages of 2 months and five years of age.

2. All children are required to have received a physical examination within the last year and a recent TB skin test.

3. All children are required to receive all state-regulated immunizations.

Contact our team with questions about our early childhood program. We proudly serve families in Poway and Northern San Diego, California.