About Our Day Care & Preschool Center

Providing Kindergarten Readiness in Poway, CA

Poway Country Preschool was founded on the goal of developing the whole child. We encourage children to develop socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically by providing meaningful play experiences in addition to teacher and child-initiated activities relative to project topics. Our preschool and daycare center provides age-appropriate early childhood education in Poway, CA.
Under the direction of Emi Rodriguez, our staff is committed to understanding and accepting children for the unique human beings they are. Our program emphasizes learning experiences that promote positive thinking, self-help skills, and a shared sense of social responsibility.
We emphasize the enhancement of a positive self-image by having faith in children so they may believe in themselves and all that they are capable of doing. Our staff believes strongly in providing our children with a strong foundation of self for their future years in education, as well as life.

Preparing for School

Our center serves as both a preschool and daycare center, taking in infants as young as 2 months and children through age 5. This means we provide children with excellent care and attention while you’re away at work, as well as offer services for kindergarten readiness.

As our emphasis is on education in all of its forms, we help prepare your youngsters for their formal school experience when they start kindergarten. Studies identify the need for early childhood education in helping all students enter kindergarten ready to learn. This includes development in a wide range of skill sets that include:
• Language
• Reading Readiness
• Social & Emotional Readiness
• Self-Care
• Math
• Fine Motor
• Gross Motor

Personalized Attention for Your Child

Your children spend anywhere between a couple to several hours each day with us. We use that time to help your child with his or her social and learning development. Of course, we have plenty of time for play, but we believe play can be both fun and educational. The skills your children learn at our preschool are skills they can use their whole life long.

Each child at our daycare and preschool receives personalized attention based on their needs. Before enrolling your child, we invite you to tour our center and schedule an in-class visit, so you and your child get to experience what it’s like to spend time with our caring and capable teachers. We also welcome your input on your child’s needs and work with you to help your youngster succeed.

Contact us today to request more information about our unique approach to early childhood education. We proudly serve children and parents in Poway, and Northern San Diego, California.